The premium line of ATV Trailers.

Featuring interchangeable features and boasting Canadian made quality, it is a struggle to find more trailer for your money.

There is a lot of time spent here at Tough Terrain to create products that meets the needs of all our customers (YOU!).

ATV Trailers with a great design made to live up to simple and daunting tasks as well as everything in between!

Walking Beam Tandem Axles

The walking-beam tandem axle is great for all types of terrain. It possesses 12″ of travel on either side. Due to the tires being 40″ away from each other, keeps the load extremely stable, no matter the roughness, speed or load endured by the ATV trailer! We know you want to avoid any unnecessary obstacles getting things done. Now you will never have to worry about a trail being too rough to pass with the ATV trailer.

Extendable Tongue

The extendable tongue allows for flexibility when the trailer is in use for various tasks. The 4ft of travel is unparalled. The top mount spring latch makes it easy to find the next location where the tongue needs to be set. No time wasted.

Interchangeable Functions

The top frame allows for interchangeability. There are currently a tub and log bunk kit, which swap out in a few minutes time without need for any tools. Keeping things simple for the end user is always our goal, and its shown with our design. Upcoming products are planned to be created with the same top frame design. This allows you to obtain our newly engineered designs and pair it with the existing trailer.

Simple Dumping

A simple and durable dumping mechanism is included in all of the ATV trailers. You can see a spring latch mounted on the bottom frame, locked into the top frame. Pull the spring pin back and lift the top frame. Let gravity take over and off-load!

You deserve it!

All your hard work deserves more recognition. Use our trailer to get more done in less time.

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